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March 1, 2013


When it comes to grills, few folks do ‘em better than the team at Weber.  Recently I had an opportunity to visit one of Weber’s main manufacturing facilities in Shaumberg, IL, a place that can only be described as Disneyland for daddy.

weber grilling statue

While the building itself was rather nondescript upon our initial arrival, the interior presented us with a magical wonderland of bits and pieces that, when combined, created some of my favorite grills in the Weber product lineup.  And despite denials from our tour guide, I could have sworn I saw a few Oompah Loompahs scurrying around behind the scenes.

But alas no photo or video was allowed inside of this mecca to outdoor cooking so the claims of jovial green skinned workers singing songs of smoke and flame in perfect unison will go the way of all other urban legends.

weber grill on red supports

The journey to the backyard began with round sheets of steel that were then pressed in to familiar bowl shapes.  Holes were punched for vents, handles were added and soon the various pieces were on their way to a sprayer to receive a powder coating that would soon be heated to some insane temperature in order to create a long lasting black ceramic finish.

Now I was not aware that all of the Weber grills start off black, with a select few making their way through the powder sprayers and blast furnace once more to receive the addition of blue, green, red and a myriad of other stock and custom colors.

american flag painted weber grill

The lids and bodies then received the additions of any remaining parts and were off to be boxed and stacked before finally being trucked out en route to their final destination – your home.  The warehouse portion of the factory was equally impressive, stacked floor to ceiling for as far as the eyes could see with one-touch kettles, WSMs, Genesis gas grills, Smokey Joes and so on and so on.

Soon the tour had come to an end as participants shared some of their favorite Weber stories.  We then re-boarded our bus and set off to the Weber Grill Academy where we got a sneak peak at some of the new grills and accessories that would be making their way to local retailers any day now.

black weber grill

Clint Cantwell, Grilling.com Editor 

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