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December 24, 2012

Our VIP Bloggers, along with some close experts friends including Greg Rempe  of BBQ Central Radio,  gave us a copy of their wishlists this year. Some of which you can still pick up today!

And stay tuned, between now and New Year’s as we will be featuring giveaways from several of these brands!

From editor Clint Cantwell:

An immersion blender from Krups  (with all the bells and whistles) lets your favorite griller grind his or her own rubs and prep  ingredients!


From our friend Greg Rempe of BBQ Central Radio:

1. Year supply of Kingsford Competition Briquettes, of course!

2. Thermapen

3. Take Pig Skin / Tippy Canoe BBQ Crew class

4. A custom Pitmaker BBQ Pit



My first grilling related top gift pick is one my parents have jumped on and done for several people this year.  A donation in the name of the recipient to Operation BBQ Relief.  (


Other favorites include:


A gift certificate to a favorite local butcher

Craycort cast iron grates 

A great slicing knife can’t be beat for slicing up those briskets and competition style ribs.  One of the favorites among pitmasters is the Forschner.


“Stocking Stuffers Category”  Growing up, in addition to candy, the rest of our stockings were often necessities that you might not have on your “wish list” but you definitely were glad to get.  For grillers/BBQers, here are a few  “stocking stuffers” that don’t necessarily fit in a stocking but they fit the bill.:

-Aluminum foil – Not just a wimpy roll from the grocery store but a 500 foot roll like the kind you can buy at wholesale clubs and food service stores.

-Food handling gloves – anyone that cooks for others will go through these faster than you can blink.  A 200 pack is always appreciated!

-Foil pans – These always come in handy as drip pans, containers for cooking side dishes, and even serving the main course.  The most used size is probably the half steam pan and steam pan size but even the smaller sizes are useful for warming sauces and sides.

-Clorox wipes – There is always cleaning and sanitizing to be done around the pit or grill and having a container of these wipes handy makes it easy to do the job.

-Glad zip top bags (gallon sized) – Zip top bags disappear from the griller or pitmaster’s kitchen because they are always being used for things like marinating, storing prepped ingredients, or holding leftovers.

-Gladware containers – These containers are just what the outdoor cook needs for storing rubs, sauces, and even some of their spare parts and tools.



Custom Grill GrAtes: Now you have a chance to customize your grill with a new grill grate that will not only impress your family and friends, but will also improve your grilling experience. You purchased the grill of your dreams, found a home for it in your back yard or patio and enjoyed the pleasure of outdoor cooking for family and friends. But at the end of the day, your grill is only one of thousands produced by the grill manufacturers and doesn’t fully represent who you are.

Rotisserie: When you need to grill a feast to feed a small army or a heavy turkey for a festive celebration, you need a reliable and durable rotisserie. Besides providing even cooking on all parts of your delicacy, a rotisserie is a pure pleasure to watch.

Grill-Lamp: Grill in the dark and have a hard time holding both your spatula and a flash light? Well, make sure that you purchase a great grill lamp! Toggle switch automatically turns light on when the lid is opened and turns light off when the grill is closed. A must have for all serious grillers.



How To Grill” by Steve Reichlan is a winner.  The color photos are great and it has some solid instruction and recipes.



Thermapen- I’ve said this a million times but you can’t beat the superfast, instant read thermopen. They also have a lot of cool colors to choose from.

Cast iron grill grates- these come in lots of different shapes and sizes for different charcoal grills. They leave awesome charmarks and get “seasoned” with use. I LOVE mine.

Bourbon Barrel spices- this company smokes spices in bourbon barrels. Smokes salt and pepper add nice flavor depth to any food you put them on. They also have smoked sugar, home brewed Kentucky soybean soy sauce. I love their products!

Make your own sausage kit- they sell this at Bass Pro shops. If you live near one you can pick this up in the store in time for Christmas.

Kitchenaid Mixer Meat Grinder attachment- grinding your own meat for burgers- using a speciality blend of sirloin and higher fat blend is all the rage these days. I have this one on my Christmas wish list this year!

Vintage cookbooks (these can be found on Etsy)- these are a super cool gift to give or receive for anyone who enjoys collecting cookbooks.

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