Top 10 Unique Tailgate Recipes

August 17, 2012

This tailgate season, has you covered with countless great recipes, including these ten out-of-the-box pre-game bites. 


Teriyaki Glazed Shrimp

teriyaki shrimp with white rice


Buffalo Style Chicken Sliders


buffalo chicken sliders with arugula


Rattlesnake Tails (FYI, no rattlesnakes were harmed in the creation of this recipe):

glazed BBQ rattlesnake tails

Stuffed Jalapenos


stuffed jalapenos on limes


Brisket Nachos

brisket nachos with sour cream


Grilled Flank Steak Quesadillas

grilled flank steak quesadillas with lime


Blue Onion Cheeseburger

blue cheese burger with onion rings


Green Eggs and Ham-burger

green eggs and ham-burger


Pork E Pigskin

 Pork E Pigskin


Grilled Banana Split

grilled banana split in bowl

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