Tips From the Pros: How To Trim St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

August 26, 2013

It’s never too late to learn something new, especially when it comes to cooking true low-and-slow ribs! You don’t need to be intimidated by that untrimmed rack of ribs. NibbleMeThis shows us how it’s done.

St. Louis style ribs trimmed and squared off

When I smoke or grill spare ribs, I like to trim them St Louis style.  (Actually it’s more of a Kansas City style since I square the ends off too.)

I do this for a couple of reasons.

Even cooking – Spare ribs are irregularly shaped and unless trimmed, the tapered end will be more cooked than the wide end.

Even portions – Each rib will be the same size.

Faster cooking times – An untrimmed spare rib takes me about 6 hours to get smoked right.  A trimmed spare takes about 5.

Here is how I trim mine.



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