January 3, 2012

cooking diary

Make every cook count by keeping track of your results. Meathead of shows us how…

Take notes! Whenever you cook, especially on a grill or smoker, keep a log, at least until your methods are instinctive. There are so many variables to master, you should be making notes on the meat, the prep, the smoker temp, ambient temp, wood you used, how the food tasted, and what improvements you need to make. Put your logs in a notebook.

meathead's cookinglog

Here’s the log I use. The basic concept is to log the air temp, the oven temp, the meat temp, at different times. Make note of other things you do along the way, like where you bought the meat, how you prepared it, when you add wood and how much, etc. When you are done, note what it tasted like and what needs improvement. Study the info. You learn a lot about the performance of your cooker.

Click here to download a free printable PDF version of my cooking log.

Click here to download a free Excel version that is editable.

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