Tips From the Pros: Grilled Fruit Kebobs

September 5, 2011

fruit kabobs on grill

It’s Labor Day and for many that means the unofficial end to summer.  Looking to celebrate with something a little different on the grill today, I decided to create a fruit kebob station for my backyard guests.  Although it involves very little work, the guests feel as though they have an active role in the meal by creating their own mix of skewered fruits to then be cooked by the grill master!

Simply select a diverse array of fruits (basically anything is fair game, from pineapple to peaches to watermelon to apples and beyond), cube them and lay them out along with the skewers.  I tend to use inexpensive bamboo skewers for an easier cleanup, making sure to soak them for 30 minutes or more to minimize burning.  I also find that a halved lemon makes a great decorative holder for the skewers, by piercing the lemon with the sharp end of the skewer and placing it alongside the fruit selection.

And to amp it up even further, you can soak the fruit in a liquor and sugar mixture similar to the one in this recent grilled pineapple recipe, and provide a variety of toppings to complete the dessert kebobs such as chocolate sauce, whipped cream and more!

Clint Cantwell, Guest Editor

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