May 21, 2012

Thinking of firing up some wings on the grill?  Take a clue from VIP blogger Larry Gaian of for some tips:

I like chicken wings as much as the next guy.  For years I used to buy the bags of pre-cut, frozen “drumettes.”  One day I was walking through the meat department of one of my local grocery stores and noticed whole chicken wings on sale for $.99 per pound. This got me to thinking about those frozen, often times saline enhanced, chicken wing pieces I normally purchased.

The cost of the frozen wings can cost as much as $2.00 a pound depending on where you buy them and the time of year.  I was already buying whole chickens when they were on sale and cutting them up myself.  Why couldn’t I just buy me a whole bunch of chicken wings and cut my own.  I promise if you to do this you’ll be happy.  I mean how often can you get a better product at a cheaper price?

chicken wing with skin


chicken wings cut at joint

The goal is to cut the chicken wing at the joints.  This will give you three pieces.  (Right) Separate the wing “tip” from the “wingette.”  The “wingette” is the middle part of the chicken wing.  Most people don’t bother cooking and eating the wing “tip.”  I save them and use them for making chicken stock.  This way there isn’t any waste.

snapping chicken wing joint

cutting chicken wing at joint

If you cut through the skin and pull it back a little you’ll be able to see the “knee” joint between the “wingette” and “drumette.” All you need to do is cut between the bones in the joint.  It’s not important to get a perfectly clean-cut, just make sure you separate it there.


chicken wings ready for grill

There you go, a perfectly cut up chicken wing.  Now all you have to do is season it and toss it on the grill or smoker.  You just can’t compare the flavor of the fresh chicken wings with the “enhanced” and frozen chicken wings you’ve bought in bulk.  It only takes about five minutes to cut up three or four pounds of chicken wings.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s all that much easier with the frozen wings and I know it’s cheaper.


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