Stainless Steel Skewers for More Flexible Grilling

January 11, 2011

vegetables on stainless steel skewers

We have a passion for cool new tools that make grilling even more fun. This innovative piece of gear, from our friend The Bachelor Guy, puts a new twist (literally) on any kind of kebab.

I have a new favorite grilling tool. And it’s not one that got pitched to me by a PR flunky, sending me review samples and begging for a post. This one came as part of the swag given to us grilling students at Kingsford University last week.

They’re Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers, and after putting them to the test this weekend, I’m genuinely hooked.

Falling into the “Why Didn’t Someone Think of This Sooner?” category, they’re 15 1/2-inch lengths of stainless steel cable, with a skewer tip on one end for piercing whatever needs grilling, and a large loop on the other end to keep your kabob ingredients from falling off. The stainless stays cool to allow for turning and pulling off the grill without searing your hands, and the extra long length lets you pile on twice as much food as traditional wood skewers.

But the real advantage comes in the flexibility. Because the Fire Wire can be bent into any shape, you can marinate your skewers in a small bowl, prep dish, or better yet, right in a ziplock bag. And if your grill is on the smaller side, or you’re short on grate space, you can just coil your kabob into a tight area.

When the food’s done, grab the tip and loop, lift off and bring to the table. I also found, unlike with wood skewers, the food slides right off onto your plate. No tugging and tearing. Or worrying about “Special” Uncle Joe piercing his larynx trying to get that last piece of beef off the skewer.

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