Southwest 101

January 14, 2011

Feel desert heat without risking heatstroke.

The Cuts:
Large cuts of beef (chuck roast), pork roast, chicken, and the occasional rattlesnake.

The Method:
Native American, Mexican, Spanish and cowboy influences and techniques are strong. Generally a high-heat method and short-cooking times.

The Sauce:
Chile peppers of all size, shape and heat are stars of the show. Cilantro (leafy coriander), pinon nuts, pistachios, tomatillos, jicama and limes are also important ingredients.

The Sides:
Frijoles (particularly pinto beans), tortillas, chile rellenos, spicy corn salsas,  cornbread and fresh tamales with sopapillas (a fried pastry/bready delight) for dessert.

The Backstory:
Indigenous tribes of the Southwest have a deep impact on the region’s food. Despite the intrusion of the Spanish, European and Federal governments, the Zuni Pueblo, Mojave, Youma, Pima, Navajo, Apache and Hopi tribes remain solid. They continue nurturing their cultures while enriching the culinary traditions of the Southwest.

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