Get Smokin’ with Kingsford Smokehouse Briquets

December 16, 2013

When it comes to barbecue and grilling, the addition of smoking hardwoods to Kingsford’s classic charcoal briquets is a great way to add a deep, robust flavor to your favorite dishes.

Kingsford Smokehouse Style Briquets

Recently Kingsford unveiled the latest addition to its product line, Smokehouse Style Briquets, a quick and hassle free way to add that rich, smoky flavor you’re looking for by simply adding 6-7 of the hardwood briquettes to ashed over charcoal.

Available in both hickory and mesquite, two of the most popular types of smoking wood among outdoor cooks, the addition of that classic smokehouse flavor couldn’t be simpler while removing the need to presoak traditional wood chunks and wood chips.

traditional wood requires soaking

Here are a couple quick tips to get you started:

Kingsford Charcoal and Smokehouse style hickory, mesquite briquets

1)    Preheat Kingsford Original Charcoal using a charcoal chimney or by adding approximately 2oz. of Kingsford lighter fluid to a pyramid of briquets at the bottom of the grill

starter chimney full of Kingsford Charcoal

1)    Once the briquettes are 70 percent ashed over and are glowing red, spread them evenly across the bottom of the grill for high heat grilling or bank them to one side of the grill for indirect cooking

2)    Add 6-7 Kingsford Smokehouse Briquets to the pre-heated charcoal

3)    Add the primary cooking grate to the grill, allow it to heat for approximately 5 minutes and add your meat, fish, vegetables or other grilling ingredients


4)    Cover the grill while cooking in order to maximize the flavor intensity, remove your dish from the grill and enjoy that true smokehouse flavor!


- Clint Cantwell, Editor

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