Up in Smoke Kingsford® $40K Challenge

August 29, 2012

The inaugural Kingsford $40k challenge will soon be coming to an end but not before the red hot Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ could get in on the action.  Here’s our friends at KCBS with the full recount from Mason City.

Mason City’s Up in Smoke BBQ Bash kept Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ sitting on the edge of their seats when it was time for awards. With a third place brisket call, Darren Warth and his team were incredibly surprised to hear their name get the call for Grand Champion.

“What a competition! I thought for sure that A Boy and His BBQ had Grand in the bag!,” said Warth.

But A Boy and His BBQ, who placed first in brisket, wasn’t just another competing team. Shad Kirton, the team’s captain, is also Warth’s business partner. Together, they own several restaurants in Iowa.

“It really was a great competition, especially in the fashion we did it” continued Warth.

With two top finishing BBQ teams in business together, you know they’ve got the formula right! And that formula always contains Kingsford® charcoal.

Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ swept in for the Kingsford $40K Challenge win at the Up in Smoke BBQ Bash. Warth worked alongside his wife Sherry and daughter Haley to churn out his judge-pleasing bites, with many thanks going to their Kingsford® charcoal grilling power.

“Kingsford is consistent with its cooking,” said Warth. “I know I can count on quality cooking every time I fire it up. Plus, you can find it anywhere! I could be in the middle of nowhere and trust I’d be able to grab a bag of Kingsford charcoal.”

In their 9th competitive season, Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ has already grabbed several notable wins. In looking forward, Warth says the team just needs to stay consistent in the level of competition they’ve been putting out. There’s still a handful of big competitions coming up, including the American Royal, the Sam’s Club National BBQ Championship final in Bentonville, Ark. and the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, all of which Warth and his team want to be a part of.

“As long as we finish in the top 10, I’ll be happy. Anything above that is just icing on the cake for us!” said Warth. And with 13 out of 15 wins in the top 10 standing already, Warth and Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ are a cooking force to be reckoned with!

“Luck is certainly involved with any competition” said Warth. “It’s kind of like sitting at a black jack table. You just never know for sure what’s in your hand.”

Iowa’s Smokey D’s has certainly wound up with a few good hands over the years, and the team is hoping such luck continues through the rest of this season as well.


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