On the Road with the KC Masterpiece Food Truck

May 17, 2013

This Spring and Summer, The KC Masterpiece Food Truck is hitting the road, bringing recipes, tips and techniques to the barbecue and grilling nation.  We recently caught up with Jason Fosnaught and Shawn Maugans for an insiders’ perspective on this year’s tour.

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So take us through an average day on the tour.  


Friday is our load in and prep day for the tour. We coordinate our food truck placement with Troy Black the SCBT (Sam’s Club BBQ Tournament-SCBT) Manager/Organizer. After placement of trailer is completed, we venture inside Sam’s Club to purchase the items needed for the sampling event that is aligned with the SCBT. Inside Sam’s Club we purchase our Kingsford Charcoal, boneless skinless chicken breasts, bread necessary for the slider, pickles, and other spices needed for our dry rub. Kitchen items such as foil, paper towels, serving containers, Hidden Valley Original Ranch dressing and KC Masterpiece sauces are purchased.

Once back at the trailer, we cut our bread and store it for the next day’s activation. The chicken breasts are hand trimmed of any excess fat and put into our refrigerator. A couple batches of our KCM spicy pickle recipe are made up and stored in the refrigerator for tomorrow.


Saturday we arrive about 8am onsite to fire up the Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill using exclusively Kingsford Charcoal. Inside the trailer, one member of the ‘cue crew is cleaning and sanitizing the prep areas for the day. The chicken breasts are then brought out to put on our KCM dry rub. This rub was created by the KCM chefs to be used for our tour and is included on the recipe card we give out to consumers. The other ‘cue crewmember is outside on the grill cooking up the chicken breasts. Various other duties to get the food truck ready for sampling include putting out our signage, napkin and KCM sauce dispensers, recipe cards, and display sauce bottles.

At 11am, the real fun starts. Sam’s Club customers, as well as people driving by, stop by the event to see what it is all about. There are usually 5-6 sponsors towards the front of the competition that give away free samples to promote their brands. Consumers are welcome to try the samples and take a walk around the competition to see what professional barbequing is all about.

Throughout the day we are engaging the consumers as they approach our KCM food truck. A large line of hungry consumers is common outside our KCM serving window. They see the grilling take place and smell the wonderful aroma coming from our area. While at the window we give a brief overview of what the KCM Food Truck is all about, and what they are about to taste. Recipe cards are given out and each consumer is encouraged to try our other sauces on the table adjacent to the serving window.

During the day, we take a handful of photos of consumers enjoying their day out at Sam’s Club with all of this amazing free food. They get the opportunity to sample many different recipes from the various sponsors thus giving them multiple ideas for future meals they can prepare themselves at home.

The 30 competitors onsite turn in their category of meat to the judges who will score each entry. Troy Black will give out the awards for each category around 4pm. A large crowd of competitors, friends, family, and spectators gathers around to see who will get a check, and who will carry on to the finals.


Any surprises?

We think the only surprises might be from individuals that are apprehensive about grilling and using barbeque sauces and marinades. We still have many people throughout our travels that would like us to show them our methods, explain in detail the steps, and bring it all together for them to feel confident at home when they grill. This is what part of our tour is all about, not only are we promoting our sauces and marinades but showing people that they can have this level of flavor in their own comfortable backyard.


And how much food are you all serving up at each stop?

At a SCBT, we have the capacity to service between 250-350 people per hour out our serving window. Each person that comes up gets a freshly grilled KC Masterpiece Giddy-Up Chicken Slider with a spicy pickle on a slider bun. Our total meat cooked for the day is usually around 80 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts. This amount will provide enough samples for 1,000-1,300 consumers.


It must be a blast getting to fire up the grill each day.  Did you grown up around outdoor cooking?


Shawn has childhood memories of his great grandfather building his own smokers and putting on large pork tenderloins for the family to enjoy. This memory carried over to him becoming an adult and his enjoyment for weekend barbeques continues with his own family.

Jason has memories of growing up with large family gatherings in the backyard cooking up burgers, brats, steaks, and kabobs for all to enjoy. It was always over charcoal, because that is what tasted the best. The love for the grill and family time spent together carried over to wanting the same thing as an adult. Cooking for KCM on the road ties in with some of those same memories.


And getting to meet so many fans of outdoor cooking must be great.  Any individuals that have really stood out?  I would imagine you hear some great tales from folks that really represent the barbecue and grilling lifestyle.


Meeting celebrity Pitmaster Troy Black, and World Champion competitors Chris Lilly and Ken Hess are among some of the noteworthy people we interact with out on the road. Aside from the stardom, people are always anxious to share their own barbeque recipes, especially ones that include KCM sauces and/or marinades.


Any spots along the tour that you’re particularly looking forward to and why?


Scenic areas are always welcomed along the tour; we drive through the mountain and desert areas across the USA. The diversity that comes from events located throughout the USA brings to the competition a well-rounded group of competitors as well as the local flavors to enjoy.

We are looking forward to the SCBT semi finals and final competition as this brings the top 10 competitors from each competition. These are the best of the best as the competition really heats up for the prize money awarded. The level of excitement is at an all time high during these events for sponsors, competitors, and spectators. Even though the KCM Food Truck does not participate in the competition as we are not a competition team, it is fun to watch and enjoy the atmosphere!


Well, we’re looking forward to more great pictures and updates from the road and to see when the KC Masterpiece Food Truck will be firing up the grills near you, so be sure to check out the full schedule here!


- Clint Cantwell, Grilling.com Editor

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