Red Hot Smokers Fire off a Win in the $40K Kingsford Challenge

July 6, 2012

Red Hot Smokers just got a little hotter with their $40K Kingsford win at Memphis in May.  Here’s our friends at with the full story!

The Red Hot Smokers aren’t new to big wins and thanks to Kingsford they won even bigger in Memphis! All year long in 2012, Kingsford is helping winners win bigger by offering bonus prize money to the top finishers at each of the Kingsford $40K Challenge events.

The Red Hot Smokers, a team comprised of Wayne and Linda Booth, Tommy Leggett and Allison Butterick, started competing about 14 years ago. In that time they’ve been tearing up the circuit with win after win.  And Wayne’s (not so) secret weapon?  Kingsford charcoal.

“We’ve always used Kingsford,” said Wayne Booth. “It’s because of the flavor and longer lasting heat. You can have the best rubs and the best sauce injections possible.  But you have got to have heat to cook it.  If you don’t have heat, it doesn’t make a difference what you do to the meat.”

Wayne says this year was The Red Hot Smokers’ 12th time competing at Memphis in May, and he has placed in 9 of those years, including one Grand Champion and a Shoulder win this year… all using Kingsford.

“We’ve been cooking shoulder for a long time,” said Booth of his Shoulder category win. “We’ve always been consistent. We’re a humble, small family team. We really enjoy cooking, but we also love winning!”

In addition to Kingsford, the team boasts having the next generation of Red Hot Smokers waiting in the wings to take over the team.

“Allison, our granddaughter, will take over for us someday,” said Booth of his 7-year-old granddaughter. “She just loves to cook and loves being on the team.”

Booth says the best advice he could give his granddaughter or anyone getting ready to get started in competition barbecue is to be prepared. Booth’s instructions include a healthy amount of attention on your heat and maximizing the flavor of your meat.

“Put flavor on the top with rubs,” explained Booth. “Plus make sure to put flavor on the inside with injections. When they bite in, they’ll taste it through. Keep an eye on your heat, make sure your internal temperature is where you want it to be.”

Booth went on to say that maximizing the flavor doesn’t end with rubs and injections, mixing fruit woods and Kingsford charcoal also add a layer of flavor.

“Our mixture is Kingsford charcoal and various fruit woods,” said Booth. “Hickory is great for steak or brisket but for pork I like Applewood. It’s simple; just soak the Applewood in a mixture of tap water and apple juice until it is perfectly primed. That Applewood mixed with Kingsford gives it a smooth savory flavor that’s not as strong as other smokes.”

It’s simple, right? Well maybe not.  But Wayne and Linda Booth sure make it look that way.


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