Putting Your Tax Refund to Work in the Backyard

April 16, 2013


Ready to put your hard earned tax refund to work?  Well we’ve partnered with the fine folks at Home Depot and Lowes who are ready, willing and able to offer up a wealth of tips to help get your patio in tip top shape for barbecue and grilling season!


Got some existing patio furniture in dire need of a good Spring cleaning?  Here’s some tips for getting them in shape and keeping them that way for months to come:


Now that the furniture is looking sharp it’s time to turn your attention to that well seasoned deck with these tips from Home Depot:

sweeping leaves on patio


Here’s some Home Depot customers who are making the most of the smallest of outdoor spaces:


girl in front of dartboard


The deck and furniture are ready and you’ve made the most of your small outdoor living space.  Now all that’s missing is the grill.  Here’s some helpful advice from our own VIP blogger Meathead for keeping and maintaining your outdoor cooker:

Happy Spring!


– Clint Cantwell, Grilling.com Editor






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