Prosciutto and Smoked Cheddar Wrapped Pears

November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so it’s time to get inspired. Your guests will want to give thanks for these little bite size bits of heaven – cheese and poached pears wrapped in delicious, salty prosciutto!

pears wrapped with prosciutto



1⁄2 lb thinly sliced prosciutto

12 small pears, peeled, cored and cut in to quarters

1⁄4 lb smoked cheddar sliced in to 1/8” thick rectangles

1 bottle sparking apple cider



Heat grill to medium‐high. Place pears cut side down in a disposable pan and cover completely with cider. Place on the grill and allow to simmer approximately 20 minutes to soften.

Remove pears from liquid, top each quarter with cheese slice and wrap each with a slice of prosciutto. Return to the grill and cook 15 minutes. Remove and serve.


Clint Cantwell, Editor


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