Pork E. Pigskin

September 15, 2013

Just in time for tailgating season, here’s one of my more playful pre-game appetizers, a bacon wrapped sausage pig named Pork E. Pigskin (pigskin as in football.  Get it?!!!)….

pork e. pigskin appetizer

As the race to the big game heats up, Smoke In Da Eye competition BBQ team is pleased to present Pork E. Pigskin, a grilled all meat appetizer certain to take your grid iron viewing party to a new level.  Comprised of spicy pork sausage legs, a hot pork sausage body, Vienna sausage nose, ham ears, a bacon wrap and a pork rind tail, Pork E Pigskin is the cutest meal you’ll ever enjoy!

various pork meats

pork meat shaped like pig

bacon in shape of pig

Pork E. Pigskin pig


Pork E. Pigskin with pork rinds

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