As Seen on TV: Pork E. Pigskin

July 27, 2014

Recently yours truly was featured on on Spike TV’s hit cooking show “Frankenfood” during which all three judges were blown away by my edible all meat pig dubbed Pork E. Pigskin.  Check out the episode here and enjoy the photos and recipe below!

pork e. pigskin appetizer

As the race to the big game heats up, Smoke In Da Eye competition BBQ team is pleased to present Pork E. Pigskin, a grilled all meat appetizer certain to take your grid iron viewing party to a new level.  Comprised of spicy pork sausage legs, a hot pork sausage body, Vienna sausage nose, ham ears, a bacon wrap and a pork rind tail, Pork E Pigskin is the cutest meal you’ll ever enjoy!

various pork meats

pork meat shaped like pig

bacon in shape of pig

Pork E. Pigskin pig


Pork E. Pigskin with pork rinds

Pork E. Pigskin

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time:  45 minutes
Plate time: 2-3 minutes
1lb ground breakfast sausage
2 smoked sausages
1 thick slice of ham
1 can vienna sausages
1 package pork cracklins
1/2 lb bacon
Prepare grill for indirect cooking at 300-325 degrees.  Form ground sausage into an oval.  Slice smoked sausages in half and inset into the bottom of the ground sausage oval to create four legs.  Cut one Vienna sausage into an approximately 1.5 inch slice.  Insert the Vienna sausage in the center of one end of the oval, leaving 1/2 inch exposed to create a nose.  Wrap the “pig” in bacon leaving the legs and nose exposed.  Cut two small triangles from the ham and make two small incisions in the top front portion of the pig in which the ham can be inserted with the top point facing up and 1/2 of the triangle exposed to create ears.  Place the pig on the cool part of the grill, cover, and allow the pig to cook for approximately 45 minutes until the bacon is crisp and the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.  Remove and make a small incision in the back portion of the pig.  Insert one small curly pork cracklin in the incision to create a tail.  Serve immediately.
- Clint Cantwell, Editor

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