The Perfect Mother’s Day Meal?

May 9, 2014

I asked my wife what she wanted to eat on Mother’s Day…


Every year, lucky moms like me are going to be overwhelmed with handmade cards, lumpy pinch pots and a royal mess in the kitchen from everyone trying to feed them.

You know what? I love you and the kids, but please don’t trash my kitchen! Keep it outside!

Here, I’ll make it easy and tell you exactly what I want to eat that day. I don’t need to stand in line at an overcooked buffet with watery mimosas. Just feed me outside and leave any mess to the dog and I’ll be a happy Mom.

Now as the wife of’s editor, Clint, me and the kids are obvious fans of outdoor cooking and I have some “must haves” from the VIP bloggers.  For breakfast I want GrillGrrrl’s French toast on the grill.  Or Grilling24x7’s. Or both.

For lunch, something light, like this grilled romaine salad. Maybe with a side of PatioDaddioBBQ’s homemade bacon (it is Mother’s Day, after all. All diets are off!)

For dinner, forget a steakhouse that doesn’t want my kids there anyway. I want the perfect dry aged ribeye sizzling on my plate next to a twice grilled potato. Any of that bacon left from lunch? Toss that on too!

Though after lounging around all afternoon I may be feeling up for something  more exotic. PatioDaddio made some super sticky sweet and sour ribs the other day, how about that?

But sometimes you can’t go wrong with the perfect burger, but which one to choose? The Surf and Turf slider or the Lamburger?

At the end of the day, as long as I don’t have to clean up, it will taste delicious!

Clint Cantwell, Editor  

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