June 17, 2013

Larry Gaian of Embers& explains to the community the most effective way to light your charcoal chimney.

I use a lot of charcoal briquettes at my house.  Close to 500 pounds per year.  And I start it all using my trusty Weber charcoal chimney.

When I first started using a charcoal chimney I had to deal with the frustration of not being able to get the chimney lit and having it stay lit.  I know for many backyard grillers this is a problem they face and finding the best way to light my charcoal chimney has been a project for me.   This method seems to work the best for me.

Start with at least three full sheets of newspaper.  Roll two of the sheets of newspaper and give them a little twist or crumble as you go.  Turn your charcoal chimney over and place the rolled newspaper along the inside of the charcoal chimney.  You should have a hole in the middle with no paper in it.

Next crumble up another sheet of newspaper into a ball. Drizzle or spritz a little cooking oil on the ball of newspaper.  You don’t need a lot of oil, about a tablespoon is it.  Place the ball of oiled newspaper in the center of the chimney.

Turn the chimney over and add your favorite charcoal.  Use a match or lighter to light the paper in the chimney and watch the charcoal chimney do its job.

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