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May 2, 2012

smokers and kingsford charcoal

Earlier this year, we did a story on Kookers Kare, a group of BBQ lovers who have come together to help those in need.   Recently these kind hearted cooks held Smokefest, an annual event dating back to the organization’s formation in 1997.

Thanks to hundreds of bags of charcoal provided by Kingsford and the donation of time and equipment by over 100 volunteers, Kookers Kare was able to produce just over 5000 lbs. of pork butts and 344 racks of ribs.

Following a night of low-and-slow cooking, the competition quality pork shoulders were shredded, panned and cooled before being loaded on to a refrigerated truck for delivery to Harvesters, a clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of food and various products.  The pulled pork was then distributed to over 2 dozen food pantries and community kitchens in the Kansas City area. The ribs, meanwhile, were sold to fund the purchase of the pork butts and several other programs the Kookers Kare supports.

We all know that BBQ brings people together and Kingsford is proud to work with organizations such as Kookers Kare in sharing this sense of community.  To learn more about the organization or to volunteer your time and/or resources, please visit http://www.kookerskare.com.



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