Cold Weather Grilling

Tips for Winter Grilling Read More The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t have to stop you from firing

Charcoal Setup for Low-and-Slow Grilling

Tips from the Pros: Charcoal Setups for the Grill Read More When it comes to grilling, the way in which you position the charcoal in the

basting ribs

Myth Busting: Basting, Mopping and Spritzing Read More Have you ever wondering how much, if any, additional flavor you are adding to your

weber_lid_partially off

Tips from the Pros: When to Put a Lid on It Read More If you like it then you better put a lid on it…Here’s Meathead of

Sliced double smoked ham

How to Cook Ham on the Grill Read More Who doesn’t love ham during the holidays?  Today we’ve got VIP blogger Chris Grove of

Perfectly Smoked Prime Rib

How to Smoke the Perfect Prime Rib Read More   Prime rib is one of those dishes that really makes a holiday dinner table

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