3 Eyz BBQ

Team Captain: Dan Hixon

Qualifying Event: 2012 Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Team of the Year

Favorite Category: Ribs

Hometown: Owings Mills, Md.

Biography: 3 Eyz BBQ was formed in 2005 in Maryland and has been tearing up the competitive barbecue circuit ever since. The team has traveled across the United States and competed in more130 sanctioned barbecue contests racking up an impressive list of awards. As of June 2013, the team has won 22 Grand Championships, 16 Reserve Grand Championships, more than 360 top 10 awards and a perfect score at the 2012 Jack Daniels World Championship. The team’s biggest achievement was being crowned the 2012 Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Team of the Year!

Dan Hixon is the head pitmaster and founder of the 3 Eyz BBQ team and aims to dominate the competition barbecue circuit. He has acquired a nickname of “Game Face” due to his steely-eyed focus, determination and (almost unhealthy) desire to win. However, once the business of turn-ins is done, Dan enjoys socializing and talking shop with his fellow competitors.

Chris is the team’s assistant pitmaster and “jack of all trades.” He got started seriously in 2006, after rescuing a smoker that was about to become scrap. At competitions, Chris is the “fixer.” Whether it’s making sure the trailer is onsite and level, the site is set up correctly, or that “Game Face” is properly “hydrated,” Chris works to stay one step ahead of Dan. After turn-ins, Chris enjoys relaxing a bit, talking with other Q’ers and promoting the sport/hobby of barbecue.