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March 15, 2013


The Kingsford Invitational airs this Sunday, March 17 at 10 pm EST but you can get a taste of the action from this report by Grilling24x7. 

camera man at kingsford invitational

I’m sure most of you have heard of and have even been to a few BBQ competitions. As you may know each competition puts out a grand champion. Well the guys at Kingsford decided to have “the big game of BBQ competitions” and they invited the winners from a bunch of different BBQ competitions to Belle, Missouri for the Kingsford Invitational to battle it out for a grand prize of $50,000!! The following categories were in place: ribs, chicken, brisket and either pork shoulder or whole hog. An interesting scoring system was in place: 1 was the worst and 13 was the best. The team with the highest points wins. There was also a “one bite challenge” which took place before the competition. The winner of the one bite challenge got an additional point towards their total.

I was one of the lucky guests who Kingsford flew out to the event. I took a bunch of photos, met a lot of people and learned a lot about BBQ. I’ll start off by posting some photos of each team. There were only 8 teams competing, as these were the winning grand champions from a variety of competitions. Below are some photos of the teams and various team members who were competing. Kingsford placed pretty cool signs next to each of their BBQ “camps.” I was able to get photos of most of the signs. At other times, either the sun or the TV directors wouldn’t cooperate with my camera work!

Yazoo's Delta Q sign

Melissa Cookston is the team captain for Yazoo’s Delta Q. Yazoo’s Delta Q won Grand Champion at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. This qualified them for the Kingsford Invitational. Yazoo’s favorite category is whole hog.

Johnny Trigg of Smokin' Triggers

Smokin’ Triggers is run by Johnny Trigg who won Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters. Johnny says his favorite category is ribs. Smokin’ Triggers comes from Alvarado, Texas and Johnny is considered the oldest active competitor in the barbecue circuit. He has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. I wouldn’t be slowing down either if I was generally considered one of the best BBQ rib cooks ever!

While the teams were cooking their meats, Kingsford had a bunch of activities planned for us. One of which was a tour of the Kingsford charcoal plant. I’ll post all about that in a few weeks. In addition to the Kingsford plant tour, there was a lot of time to talk about BBQ, listen to the judges discuss their preferences and judging criteria and to just generally hang out. Luckily Kingsford often teams up with Anheuser Busch so there was unlimited beer for us to drink.

Kingsford Invitational judges







We had a sit down chat with the judges of the competition. The first thing I heard was that one of the judges said that the turn in boxes would have nothing other than meat inside. Wow! No greens at all were allowed. This highlights the importance of gorgeous meat for sure! One judge pointed out her preferences regarding smoke. Amy Mills said she prefers “just a kiss of smoke” on the meat. She said that over smoked meat will be deducted heavily in terms of points. After this discussion I took note that each BBQ pit really did have a light white smoke coming out of the stack. Sometimes there was no smoke at all coming out. By no means were these guys putting out excess smoke.

Tuffy Stone at Kingsford invitational

I got to chat with Tuffy Stone a bit. He’s often on BBQ Pitmasters and is a world class BBQ cook. One piece of advice that I learned from Tuffy was to not smother the meat in BBQ sauce. Let the natural flavors of the meat come out and don’t hide the amazing smoked meat flavor with too much sauce. Interesting!

grill grrrl at Kingsford Invitational

I also got to hang out with a bunch of my online BBQ blogger buddies. Here’s a picture of me and Robyn, aka Grill Grrl. You may recognize her from Food Network’s “Chopped – Grillmaster Edition.” She also writes a cool blog called Grill Grrl.

grilling 24x7 at Kingsford Invitational

Just one day you may see Grilling24x7 on TV? Huh?! The camera crews wanted my opinion on who the winner might be. They also asked me what I would make if I had to participate in a “one bite challenge.” I said that I’d do a stuffed bacon cheddar jalapeno cheeseburger slider… overstuff a mini cheeseburger with bacon, cheddar and jalapenos, put some seasoning on top and then pour some worcestershire sauce all over. Grill it over some hot coals and put it on a little slider bun. Mmmmm. Hey you just may see my face on TV one day! Well, probably more likely on Kingsford’s website, but hey – that’s cool too!

Kingsford Invitational

As you can see, TV cameras were everywhere. In the spring they are planning a BBQ Pitmasters “Kingsford Invitational” edition which documents this entire competition. Cameras were everywhere, directors were yelling and it sort of seemed like Hollywood, just with the wonderful smell of BBQ smoke everywhere.

camera man following Johnny Trigg

I thought this was a pretty cool shot of Johnny Trigg walking to turn in his food. Notice that camera following closely!

waiting for Kingsford Invite results

Here’s the room where we all waited for results.

Yazoo's Delta Q winner Kingsford Invite

The winner of the Kingsford Invitational was ….. Yazoos Delta Q! Wow! $50,000! Yazoos Delta Q won Pork, Ribs, and Brisket! Lucky’s Q won chicken. Overall points went to Yazoos Delta Q. Melissa Cookston and her team get to say that they are the best of the best in terms of BBQ. What’s even cooler is that I can say I ate the “best pork in the world!” Right after the official turn in time for the food the directors let me get down near the cooks. Melissa was kindly handing out all of her leftovers before the winner was announced. Since she cooks whole hog she had plenty of leftovers.

Yazoo's Delta Q whole hog

Look at that whole hog from Yazoos Delta Q!

BBQ pork in pan

Above is some of the leftover winning BBQ. I got to try the pork straight from the whole hog shoulder. I also tried the ribs. All I can say is WOW! The pork pulled apart perfectly and had a really nice smoke flavor. It definitely was the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten and this was before I knew that Melissa won!

Melissa Cookston with pork

Melissa gave me some “bacon!” This is from the belly of the pig. When it’s not fried it really doesn’t taste like bacon. What it tasted like was buttery, melt in your mouth, magnificent pork. It was ridiculously good.



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