Iron Wheel Rolls in Bixby

July 6, 2012

The Bixby BBQ’n Blues Festival was the next event on Kingsford’s $40K Challenge circuit. Fans and attendees packed into Washington Irving Memorial Park in Bixby, Okla. to get a front row seat for great music and great barbecue. With 92 teams competing, the competition would be fierce. When the smoke settled, Iron Wheel Cookers would be standing on the stage with a big Kingsford check and a win in the rib category.

John and his son Ed Coughlin have been competing as the Iron Wheel Smokers for the past six years. What started as a iron tractor wheel decoration turned into a team name and a mascot for the hard working Oklahoman team.

“Everything went well,” said John Coughlin.

“Except for the pork,” he laughed. “We just haven’t had any luck with it.”

The Iron Wheel Cookers have cooked at the Bixby event five times with some good luck in the past. More recently, in 2011 Iron Wheel finished 3rd in chick, and this year finished 3rd in chicken again along with first place in ribs. For that first place win, Kingsford awarded Ed and John bonus prize money for the category win.

“We’ve been using Kingsford for 30 years!” said John. “I use a mixture of mesquite along with standard blue Kingsford. It gives a unique flavor you can’t get anywhere else.”

John attributes his wife’s personal tastes with inspiring his use of Kingsford charcoal.

“She says she has to have charcoal when I cook burgers,” explains Coughlin. “It’s just not the same without that unique charcoal flavor.”

Looking ahead in 2012, the Iron Wheel Cookers are looking to keep expanding their BBQ calendar. Two years ago they competed in 10 KCBS events, last year they dialed it up to 12 events. John says he hopes to be able to do near that or more this year.

“We have a good time doing these events,” said John.

With Kingsford in the cooker the Iron Wheel Cookers turned out a big rib win in Bixby. If they can keep it up, the good times will roll like an iron wheel.

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