Grilling Up an Easter Feast

April 17, 2014

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and we’re firing up the grill for some tasty outdoor dishes that are sure to keep the kitchen clear and your guests begging for more!


Kicking off the meal is a unique twist on the classic Southern deviled egg.  Curt McAdams of goes to the grill to create smoked deviled eggs for his waiting guests.

Smoked Deviled Eggs

Smoked Deviled Eggs

No Easter meal would be complete at my house without ham and we’ve turned to VIP blogger Meathead of for his Ultimate Smoked Ham recipe.

Smoked ham

Double Smoked Ham

One of my favorite Easter dishes is Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb, perfectly seasoned with a lemon, red wine, and rosemary marinade before hitting the hot grill.

Grilled lamb

Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb

Next up is are a couple of Spring side dishes from yours trulyGrilled Yellow Beets that are finished with just the right touch of olive oil, salt and pepper, plus s big ol’ helping of Brown Sugar and Chipotle Glazed Baby Carrots.

Grilled Beets

Grilled Yellow Beets

Grilled carrots

Grilled Chipotle and Brown Sugar Carrots

Sure you can go with the standard pre-baked dinner rolls from your local grocery store but why would you when Chris Grove of is offering up his grill baked Honey Wheat Sunflower Rolls?

Grilled rolls

Grilled Honey Wheat Sunflower Rolls

This year for dessert, I’ll be heating up the grill once more for two favorites – Robyn Medlin Lindars decadent Rum Raisin Bread Pudding and individual Grilled Apple Tarts with Smoked Bacon Salted Caramel Sauce!

Grilled Bread Pudding

Grilled Rum Raisin Bread Pudding

Grilled apple pie

Grilled Apple Pie with Smoked Bacon Salted and Caramel Sauce

- Clint Cantwell, Editor


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