Grilled Shrimp with Jalapeno and Coconut Milk Marinade

January 15, 2014

John Thomas of Grilling24x7 combines the heat of jalapeno with the cool richness of coconut milk for this easy to make grilled shrimp recipe.

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp


Take a look at this grilled shrimp recipe. It is really easy and the results are outstanding. The shrimp is placed in a very interesting marinade containing coconut milk and pureed peppers and onions. It’s a winner!


Here’s what you’ll need:


About 1.5 lbs of shrimp
1 large onion
2 jalapeno peppers
1 small green pepper and 1 small red pepper
1/4 tsp ground ginger
6 cloves of garlic
14 oz coconut milk (in a can)
3 T lime juice
2 T olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/3 cup of chopped cilantro
melted butter for brushing on the shrimp

I think this recipe would be even better if I had the patience to peel the shrimp before placing them on the skewer. However, I don’t have that kind of patience, so I just rinse off the shrimp and place them on the skewers, shell and all. To start this recipe take all of the ingredients (minus the shrimp of course) and add them into a food processor. Word of warning here: the above marinade recipe makes quite a bit. Keep an eye on the max liquid fill line in your food processor or you’ll be sorry!

Once all the ingredients are placed in the food processor give it a good pulse to really blend things up. What a cool looking marinade!

Grilled shrimp marinade

Jalapeno and Coconut Milk Marinade

Let the shrimp kabobs marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge. The above picture of shrimp marinating in a coconut milk base was taken before I mixed it all up. I didn’t place it in the fridge with just a clump of marinade on top! Get it even.

Shrimp Marinade

Shrimp Marinade

When you are ready to start cooking get a nice medium heat going. Toss the skewers over direct heat and cook them about 3-4 minutes per side. It helps here to have a good eye for what cooked shrimp looks like. Cooked shrimp has that orange look to it. I think with this marinade you can probably overcook the shrimp a bit and still get away with juicy delicious shrimp. Once the shrimp is cooked brush it with the melted butter. Be careful, the melted butter will cause some nice flare-ups!

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp

This is where I wish I would have the patience to peel the shrimp. They are so good that I could eat them like popcorn. However, I’m slowed down by peeling them! Well, maybe that’s a good thing!

This is a really good grilled shrimp recipe that is adapted from Steven Raichlen’s “How to Grill” cookbook!

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