Grilled “Pumpkin” Pie

October 31, 2014

Did you know that Halloween is the third largest sales day for pizza?  But why spend your fright night waiting for the overworked and underpaid deliver person to finally arrive when you can fire up the grill for your own “pumpkin” pie?

pumpkin pizza pie



2 6.5oz packages dry pizza crust mix

14oz reduced fat grated cheddar cheese

5oz mini pepperoni slices

1 cup crushed tomatoes

1 orange bell pepper, core and seeds removed, cut in to thin strips

1 okra pod or slice of green bell pepper

grilled "pumpkin" halloween pizza



Preheat grill to high heat placing a pizza stone in the center of the grill grate.  Prepare pizza dough according to instructions on the package.  Once dough has been rolled out on a floured pizza pan or pizza peel add a thin layer of sauce, a layer of pepperoni, and cheese.  Use orange bell pepper slices to create ridges in the “pumpkin” pie.  Add additional pepperoni to create the Jack ‘o Lantern face and the okra or green bell pepper slice to create the pumpkin stem.  Place pizza on the pre-heated pizza stone and cook 7-10 minutes until crust is golden brown and cheese has completely melted.  Remove, slice and serve.

pizza with pumpkin face on grill


- Clint Cantwell, Editor




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