Grilled Dessert Pizza

August 6, 2012

If you haven’t tried cooking pizza on the grill, we have to ask “whatcha waiting for?”

grilled dessert pizza on board


While the thought of it may seem challenging, the actual cooking couldn’t be easier.  My first run at grilled pizza was with some store bought flatbread (a fancy version of cooked pizza crust).  I added some canned crushed Roma tomatoes, a bag of grated mozzarella cheese and a bit of crumbled sausage before throwing it on a medium-hot grill with the lid closed for 10 minutes to let everything get happy.

Fast forward a few years and me and the family still love experimenting with grilled pizza.  Here’s my latest take using  a pizza expansion ring for a kettle style cooker.



One pound store bought fresh pizza dough (available in the cheese section of many stores)

1 cup ricotta cheese

3 cups fresh figs, thinly sliced

2 tsp honey


Preheat grill to 500+ degrees with lid closed, placing a pizza stone on the grill to pre-heat.  While heating, roll dough in to a round on a clean flour dusted surface.  Top the dough with sliced figs, add ricotta in ¼ tsp portions across the surface, drizzle honey to finish, cook and enjoy!


Source:  Clint Cantwell, Editor

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