Grilled Lobster

Grilled Lobster Print this recipe


  • 1 lobster approximately 2 pounds
  • 1 wood plank soaked at least one hour
  • 3 tablespoons butter melted
  • large pot salted water


  1. Select the lobster of your choice from your local seafood provider, boil in a pot of salted water for approximately five minutes to kill the lobster. Remove and split down the bottom of the lobster so that the tail meat is exposed and claws remain intact. Brush meat generously with melted butter.
  2. Place presoaked wood plank on medium hot grill until plank is slightly smoking, (approximately 8-10 minutes). Lay lobster on to the plank split side up and allow to cook until lobster meat is opaque (approximately 12-15 minutes), basting periodically with butter. Remove and allow to rest. Finish by splitting the claws (a sharp hack with the back of a chef’s knife usually does the trick), plating and drizzling all over with any remaining butter.
  3. Recipe by Clint Cantwell


  1. Kingsford
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