Five Great Grill Gifts for Dad

June 13, 2011

I like to grill…a lot.  So when it comes to birthdays and Father’s Day, my kids know that the best gift they could possibly get me is a new outdoor toy.  Fortunate enough for me, both special days fall within days of each other so I decided to provide a little grill gifting guidance!

iGrill on iPad and iTouch

Available in black or white, the iGrill (MSRP $99.95 with one probe) brings temperature control to life on any iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone).  Each device can accommodate dual temperature probes, allowing you to keep a close eye on internal grill and/or meat temperatures from up to 200 feet away.  Simply download the iGrill app on your device and you’re good to grill!

red thermapen

The super-fast Thermapen pocket thermometer (MSRP $89.00) is a favorite among professional and backyard chefs and is now available in a splash proof model.  With readings available in under 3 seconds, you’ll ensure proper temperatures every single time you grill.

blue kingsford komodo kamado

Komodo Kamados are among the cream of the crop when it comes to ceramic grills.  Imagine the look on dad’s face when he walks in to the backyard and finds one in his favorite color combo just waiting to be fired up for the first time!  My favorite color, by the way, is black.

Kansas City BBQ Restaurant Legends Gift Box

No serious griller can ever have too many sauce and dry rub options.  That’s why I was pleased to stumble upon the various gift boxes available from the Kansas City BBQ Store.  The Kansas City BBQ Restaurant Legends Gift Box (MSRP $24.95), for example, offers a true taste of KC icluding Cowtown Night of the Living Sauce, Arthur Bryant’s Sauce, Gates BBQ Sauce, Hayward’s Sauce and Jack Stack Rub.

smoke in da eye BBQ grate

It’s hard to be a true grill master without your own custom grill grate.  A few years ago I was the recipient of this awesome pro series grate that had been created by Huntingdon County Customs ($105.95 for the 22.5 inch version pictured above).  What about a custom grate for the beautiful black Komodo Komado?

By Clint Cantwell, Guest Editor

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