Degüello Swinetastic in Maryland

July 19, 2012

The competition circuit gets more intense every year, as proven by Degüella BBQ’s win at the popular Swinetastic BBQ Festival in Maryland. .  Here’s a full recap courtesy of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.



The last two years have proven that Maryland is the place to be for top flight competition.  The Central MD Swinetastic BBQ Festival in Frederick has quickly earned a reputation as a destination BBQ event on the KCBS calendar. Degüello BBQ, a team comprised of Kit and Sharon Rudd, have been each of the last two years and in 2012 they made their mark on the festival.


“Swinetastic is an outstanding event,” said Kit Rudd, pitmaster for Degüello BBQ.  “Chris Carter has done a great job putting it together.  It’s quickly becoming one of the must attend events of the mid-Atlantic!”

Judging by the lineup of attendees, Rudd isn’t the only one who feels that way.  When Degüello BBQ loaded in for the event the Rudds were inviting a new member of the family to their team.  Rudd had a new Backwoods Fatboy smoker delivered to the event on Thursday.


“I burned it in on Friday with Kingsford,” said Rudd. “After that I dropped a butt in there and I liked how it came out.  So I tried a rack of ribs and I liked how that came out.  Then a pan of chicken and guess what?  I liked how it came out!  So against all conventional logic, I decided to put it into service and well… you see the results!”


Kit Rudd isn’t afraid of taking chances.  From making tough strategic changes when a recipe isn’t working, to installing a brand new smoker two days before one of the biggest events on their competition calendar, Rudd isn’t afraid of mixing it up.  The one thing he won’t touch though, is his Kingsford charcoal.


“I’ve used Kingsford my whole life,” said Rudd. “We use Kingsford Competition charcoal and I’ve found it to be extremely consistent, and that’s what I’m looking for.  It burns clean, it burns hot and it burns consistent. There’s only two of us, so we need a fuel that gives us consistency every time.”

After their big win in Franklin and a strong year overall in 2012, it’s hard for Rudd to not look ahead. Degüello BBQ is hoping to compete in 8 or 9 more contests this year.


“We’re going to accept our invite to the American Royal and now we’re in the running for the Jack,” said Rudd. “We’re hoping everything lines up and we’ll make it through the Maryland draw.”


Degüello BBQ attributes a good solid routine as being one of the major factors in their success.

“Build yourself a timeline,” said Rudd. “Practice your plan, stick to your plan and most importantly have fun!”


With the walks and wins racking up, Degüello BBQ is sure to be having a whole lot of fun in 2012.



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