Dead Pigs Rock Springfield

May 8, 2012

The $40k Kingsford Challenge recently rolled in to Springfield, Mo. for the annual Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival, providing some extra monetary incentive to the 54 competing teams.  Here with a complete wrap up is the team at the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

The Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival in Springfield, Mo. was the site of the second Kingsford $40K Challenge event.  The popular Midwest competition always brings in a collection of quality championship teams who throw down to see who’s top dog, and 2012’s Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival was no exception.

When the smoke cleared and the teams were called, Dead Pigs Tell No Tales were standing on the stage victorious.  Dead Pigs, Walt and Kathryn Coltrin’s competition BBQ team, began their journey in 2008 with one competition and they were instantly hooked. Winning in Springfield will be memorable for the team as this event marks their first Grand Championship win.

“We have had several other good finishes,” said Walt Coltrin. “We’ve had several 3rd place finishes and a few contests where we finished 4th or 5th, but Rock’n Ribs was our first Grand Championship and ranks now as our number 1 team performance.”

Coltrin looks back at their win in Springfield with a decent amount of surprise. While putting together a good cook, he was shocked by the results at the end of the day.

“Everything went pretty smooth,” said Coltrin. “I was pretty satisfied with my chicken and ribs entries. I did not think my brisket was a winner… to pull it was like pulling on a rubber band.  I was thinking it MIGHT get a call. But I’ll say I was very surprised by the first place call.  And pork was a complete surprise.  I was having a great deal of difficulty with my pork last year and haven’t found consistency. When we got called for first in pork, I was speechless!”

Walt cooks most of his fare in a Stump’s Classic using Kingsford Original charcoal, with his chicken being prepared with Kingsford Original as well is a La Caja China.

“I think Kingsford is great,” said Coltrin. “It’s what I’ve always used! Why would I change?“

After the dust settled, the Coltrins walked away from Springfield with a feeling different than any other competition had given them.

“The feeling was amazing,” said Coltrin. “Winning our first Grand Championship -with all of the Kingsford celebration – it just made it that much more special!”

Dead Pigs Tell No Tales are off to Langley, Okla. before their appearance at the Austin, Texas local Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour event and you better believe they’ll be looking for more Grand Championships after this one.

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