Celebrate National Burger Month with Grilling.com

May 22, 2013

It’s National Burger Month and Grilling.com is bringing you 10 of our favorites to get your celebration off on the right foot.Try any of these for a delicious Memorial Day weekend!


Green Eggs and Ham Burger

Green Eggs and Ham Burger


The Chimichurri Burger

National Burger Month Chimichurri Burger


The Frito Pie Burger

burger recipe frito lay chips


The Southern Express Burger

southern express burgerr recipe


Roquefort Stuffed Venison Burger

national burger month venison recipe


Steakhouse Burger

steakhouse burger on plate


Surf-n-Turf Burger

surf-n-turf burger with garnish

Bacon Mac-n-Cheese Burger

mac-n-cheese burger with bacon


Brat Burger Deluxe

bratwurst burger with cheese


Jalapeno-Pimento Sliders

jalapeno slider recipe


Cubano Burger

cubano burger


- Clint Cantwell, Grilling.com Editor











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