Bristol Bash ‘em Up Paninis

August 26, 2011

The NASCAR series races in to Bristol this weekend and our own Chris Grove from has the recipe to get race day started right.

Racing at Bristol Motor Speedway has been compared to “flying fighter jets in a gymnasium” because of its short track, steep turns, and high traffic.    The Bristol NASCAR race is this weekend so I wanted to come up with an easy and tasty tailgating idea.  Since that race involves a lot of rubbing, bumping, and outright crashing, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate item than a panini, where everything is smashed together!    To give it a taste of East Tennessee, I revved up this panini with a “hi-octane ‘cue sauce” by simply mixing in a little moonshine (now legal!) with a commercial bbq sauce.   I wanted to make sure this was easy enough to do at the track so I made it on a completely portable, 14.5 inch, $30, throw-in-your-trunk Weber Smokey Joe.  I’m not kidding!  I bought this grill at our grocery store.


1 10″ loaf of french bread

2 cups cooked chicken

1 to 2 TBSP of BBQ Rub (I used Albukirky Rub tonight)

3 slices bacon, cooked

3 slices pepper jack cheese

1 sweet onion (Vidalia, Texas sweets, etc.) sliced into 1/4″ slices

4 slices pickles

1/2 cup barbecue sauce

1 oz Apple Pie moonshine

1 brick wrapped in foil

Set up your grill for medium high heat.  Place the foil wrapped brick on the grill and allow it and the grate to preheat for about 10-15 minutes.   Whisk together the Apple Pie moonshine and the barbecue sauce.  The apple and cinnamon seem to enrich the flavors of the barbecue sauce while the “shine” gives it a twang or kick.

TIP: For tailgating, do this at home and toss it in a cheap squirt bottle.

Grill the onion slices for a few minutes per side until tender.

Grill the pickle slices for about 2 minutes per side.  Yes….grill your pickles.  No, I’m serious!

Assemble your sandwich as follows: chicken, bbq rub, bacon, hi-octane bbq sauce, cheese, onions, pickles, second round of hi-octane bbq sauce

Cut the sandwich in half.  Place on the grill and top with the brick.  Grill for 45 seconds or long enough to toast the bottom.

Flip, top with the brick and grill another 45 seconds.

We loved this one.  It was a fantastic use of leftovers (bacon and chicken), easy to put together, and did I mention, FAST?

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