Blogger Roundup: Favorite Grilling Tools

July 27, 2011

grilling spatula and fork

Certainly you’ve stepped in to the barbecue and grilling aisle of your local hardware store this summer and been confronted by the countless tools and accessories designed to make outdoor cooking easier.  With so many choices available, we decided to ask our pros to share their “go-to gear,” beginning with Chris Grove of Nibble Me This.

“First would be a digital instant read thermometer – not sending your guests to the ER with food poisoning is so “in” this year.  Next up are leather welding gloves.  These gloves are made for serious heat.  Finally, I go with long handled tongs,” notes Chris.

Robyn “GrillGrrrl” Medlin Lindars adds, “I love my Thermapen. It is an instant read digital thermometer that allows me to pull meat off the grill when I’ve reached the minimum internal temperature, so I don’t undercook or overcook anything. I also couldn’t live without a good pair of tongs or my silicone glove. My Orka silicone glove allows me to handle a cast iron skillet or pick up cedar planks off the grill.”


As for John Dawson of Patio Daddio? “I don’t use a lot of gadgets, as I like to keep things simple. My must-haves are a good pair of 18″ stainless steel tongs, a good instant-read thermometer, and a good grill brush. A close fourth would be canola oil spray.”

Next up is Meathead from “Real heavy duty suede gloves with cotton lining that go almost to my elbow are indispensible. I use mine to lift hot grates, push coals around, reach into the fire box to place logs, lift food from deep down inside bullet smokers. I have even used it to pick up hot coals.  Also the Thermoworks Thermapen.  I highly recommend it for anyone serious about cooking meat or baking bread properly. It reads in three seconds, is extremely accurate, has large easy-to-see numbers, and a long probe for getting into the center of a steak, a chicken breast, or even a large hunk of meat like a ham. Finally, the Smokenator and the Hovergrill turn a Weber Kettle into a darn good large capacity smoker.  If you have a limited budget or limited deck space, there is no need to buy a standalone smoker.”

As for myself, I’ll join the consensus on a good quality instant read thermometer.  I would also add non-slip nitrile coated gloves (available in any hardware store and great for protecting yourself from the heat when shredding pork shoulder or moving hot brisket from the smoker).  Last are Weber lighter cubes, those marshmallow looking things that will get a charcoal chimney fired up with little to no effort.


- Clint Cantwell, Guest Editor

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