Two Must Have BBQ-Grilling Books of 2014

March 11, 2014

The 2014 batch of new barbecue and grilling cookbooks is starting to heat up and we’ve got a quick look at two “must haves” courtesy of Chris Grove of!

Melissa Cookston and Chris Lilly

Melissa Cookston and Chris Lilly

I have too many BBQ/Grilling books but here are two that are coming out shortly that I consider must haves for this year.   I have already pre-ordered both of them.

Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke by Chris Lilly

Fire and Smoke:  A Pitmaster’s Secrets

by Chris Lilly

Available 5/6/2014, pre-order now for $18.62


Chris Lilly’s first book is widely recognized as an instant classic among BBQ enthusiasts and it is the first one that I recommend to people looking for a BBQ/Grilling book.  Based on that alone, I could say that this book is going to be great and you should order it.

Fir & Smoke

Fire & Smoke Photo Shoot

But I actually have already tasted many of the recipes because I had the opportunity to help Chris during the photo shoot for Fire & Smoke last April in Decatur, AL (blog post about it).   The brisket hash recipe is easily the best breakfast I had in 2013 and is alone worth the price of the book.  The book is loaded with mouth watering recipes and solid techniques.  Chris and his team have won multiple BBQ World Championships and is the VP/Executive Chef of Big Bob Gibsons BBQ.  Once again he shares his creative recipes and grilling acumen with us in his second masterpiece.  From

World champion pitmaster Chris Lilly combines the speed of grilling with the smoky flavors of low-and-slow barbecue for great meals any night of the week, no fancy equipment required. Cook trout in a cast-iron skillet nestled right in smoldering coals for a crispy yet tender and flaky finish. Roast chicken halves in a pan on a hot grill, charring the skin while capturing every bit of delicious juice. Infuse delicious smoke flavors into fruits and vegetables, even cocktails and desserts. Fire and Smoke gives you 100 great reasons to fire up your grill or smoker tonight.

If you grill, you want this book on your shelf. If you have a loved one that likes bbq/grilling, Fire and Smoke makes a fantastic gift.

Order Fire and Smoke:  A Pitmaster’s Secrets today

Smokin' in the Boys Room

Smokin’ in the Boys Room by Melissa Cookston


Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room  

Southern Recipes From The Winningest Woman in Barbecue

by Melissa Cookston

Available 4/8/2014, pre-order now for $17.03

It’s a very fun title but I’d like to point out that Melissa Cookston isn’t just one of the best women in barbecue – she is one of the best pitmasters in barbecue.  Melissa is also holds multiple BBQ World Championships.  She’s won the big events like Memphis in May and at the 2012 Kingsford Invitational, she absolutely dominated a field of highly respected BBQ teams.  When she is making whole hog, competitors know they have to bring their best.  Her restaurant, Memphis BBQ Company, was featured on Food Network and she is also a judge on BBQ Pitmasters.

Smokin' in the Boys Room

Smokin’ in the Boys Room Photo Shoot

I’m looking forward to getting my copy of Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room for several reasons.  First, Clint Cantwell ( editor) was involved during some of the book development and he told me it is going to rock.  Second, she is a great southern cook plus I’m hoping her cheese fritter recipe or a version is in there.  Third, she has a fiery personality and quick wit, I suspect the narrative of the book will be a fun read.  From Andrews McMeel Publishing:

Top pitmaster and restaurateur Melissa Cookston, two-time overall world champion and the winningest woman in barbecue, presents Southern Delta and barbecue recipes full of smoke and spice, as well as stories filled with the trademark fire and vinegar that make her a TV favorite, too.

One of the world’s top pitmasters, Melissa regularly smokes the competition on the barbecue contest circuit. Now, you can enjoy some of her best recipes for not only the barbecue that has made her famous but also for baked and fried favorites, oh-so-good sides, and decadent desserts that will stick to your ribs.

I can’t wait to get my copy.  Order yours today!


Both books are available in Kindle versions too, but with cookbooks, I prefer hard copies, don’t you?  I want something tangible that is easy to browse.  Plus, I can’t get food stains on the pages of an electronic copy.  I like weathered copies of cookbooks that are dog eared and worn.


[Standard FTC Disclaimer]  I received no compensation for this post and didn’t even use my Amazon Affiliate links for the books. 

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