Basic Low-and-Slow Brisket

December 4, 2014

Nothing beats a tender, perfectly smoked brisket and we’ve got the recipe to getcha there!

sliced brisket on cutting board


Brisket Ingredients

1 Brisket, 12-16lbs

1 cup bold brisket rub

¼ cup yellow mustard



Prepare grill for indirect cooking (or smoker if available), approximately 250 degrees.  Trim brisket of all hard fat and trim remaining fat to approximately ¼-inch. Rub both sides with a thin coat of yellow mustard.  Coat entire brisket liberally with dry rub.  Place on grill (or smoker) away from the heat source.  Cover and allow to cook until brisket reaches 190 degrees internal temperature (approximately 8-10 hours).  Remove, rest for 15 minutes and slice against the grain.  Serve and enjoy ya’ll!

seasoned BBQ brisket


Clint Cantwell, Editor


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