At the Grill with Noah Bennett

January 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone for visiting the Kingsford Facebook fan page. To celebrate the growing grilling community, we’re featuring fans in different parts of the country. This week we travel to Cupertino, California to talk to Noah Bennett about his love of outdoor cooking.

How many times a week do you cook outdoors?

Minimum of three. Lots of chicken. We do ribs when we have people over.

Are ribs your signature dish?

Definitely. I cook them indirect, either with a rub or a marinade. Sometimes I turn dry rubs into marinades. If it’s just a rack of ribs, I’ll put it on the grill. If I’m doing multiples, I’ll smoke them. I have a water based smoker that keeps the moisture in.

You’ve being grilling since you were a teenager. What got you started?

Watching my mom grill in the summertime when it was too hot to cook over a stove. I just watched and I started helping.

What’s your earliest memory of barbeque and grilling?

Probably the first time I helped my mom barbeque a meatloaf.

What makes grilling so special to you?

I just enjoy it. I can get outside. Hang out. Have friends over, and have a good time.

Do you have any special grilling tips or techniques that you’d like to share?

I just do what I do. I cook most of my stuff indirect. A lot of people cook right over the coals. I tend not to. People should just try it. You can only get better with practice.

Are there any dishes that you haven’t tried on the grill but hope to soon?

I’d like to grill a pizza.

Is there a particular dish, food item or cooking style that’s unique to your area?

I live in the Bay Area so I would say different flavors. People experiment a lot here.

Is there something you’d like to see featured on

It’s a pretty good website… seems to cover a lot of bases. The contests are great.  I also like Kingsford charcoal. That’s pretty much all I use. I bought a pallet—48 bags—which should last about a year.

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you want to grill, just try it. Go out and have fun. I enjoy doing it for people. I enjoy doing it for myself. I like to see the smile on people’s faces when they bite into something good.

Thanks, Noah. Join the conversation on the Kingsford Facebook fan page and share great recipes, get tips and meet other grilling enthusiasts.

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