At the Grill with Chad Boyd

January 3, 2012

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Thanks to everyone for visiting the Kingsford Facebook fan page. To celebrate the growing grilling community, we’re featuring fans in different parts of the country. This week we travel to Rocky Mount, Virginia to talk to Chad Boyd about his love of outdoor cooking.

How often do you cook outdoors?

Two or three times a week, it depends on how busy we are. I’d grill every day if we had time.

Fast or slow?

On weekdays it’s usually something fast—steak or chicken. On weekends I like to do slow BBQ ribs and pork shoulder.

What’s your earliest memory of barbecue and grilling?

Camping out with my dad when he was still alive and we were kids. Me and my brother would wake up and smell the smoke and hear something cooking—bacon and eggs and home fries, which were potatoes cut small with onions. We would swim all day, and the smell of BBQ would get us out of the water and up to the tent. They knew if they started cooking, we’d be coming.

What makes grilling so special to you?

I just like the way everything tastes better on the grill. Anything you can cook, you can cook on the grill, and there are fewer dishes, too!

Is there a particular dish, food item or cooking style that is unique to your area?

Around here we’re into pulled pork with a vinegar base BBQ sauce, nothing really sweet. We like a kick to our BBQ.

Do you have any signature recipes of your own or something that friends and family “must have” when you’re cooking for them?

BBQ chicken is always the request. I always marinate mine for 24 hours before putting it on the grill. I make my own sauce with vinegar, ketchup, garlic, gin, salt and pepper and a little jalapeno. I use the same sauce for my pork recipe. Everybody says it’s delicious, so it must be good.

Do you have any special grilling tips or techniques that you’d like to share with the community?

I think people try to cook too fast. Low and slow is the best. The best trick is to turn it down and let it cook longer than you think it should, and it will turn out better than you think it would.

Are there any dishes that you haven’t tried but hope to soon?

I would like to try lobster on the grill.


What would you like to see featured on

Different types of grills and what people think works the best.

Do you have any favorite side dishes?

I make baked beans, and my 11-year-old daughter makes potato salad. Hopefully, she’s got the cooking genes so I can retire when she gets older!

Thanks, Chad. Join the conversation on the Kingsford Facebook fan page and share great recipes, get tips and meet other grilling enthusiasts.

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