The Art of PitPork

September 14, 2012

Where’s the beef?  It doesn’t really matter when master griller and VIP blogger Curt McAdams of is serving up his signature pitpork sandwiches.

two pitpork sandwiches

My wife and I both love what I like to call “pitbeef.” I have no idea if it’s like the pitbeef served in Maryland, as I’ve never had it there, but it’s what I like to call an eye of round that I smoke to rare, slice very thin and serve on sandwiches with sour cream horseradish sauce. It’s definitely a favorite!

We were having friends over, and pitbeef was the request from my wife, until I remembered that we had that the last time the Hesters were over, and I couldn’t serve them the same thing twice in a row… So what to do? I figured that pitpork would work just fine!

What’s pitpork, you may ask? (Go ahead, you can ask)

It’s a simple pork loin, with a bit of a rub on it, smoked to medium (I like my pork not too well done, but not rare!). I tried several sauces with the pitpork, and found that Big Z’s Sweet Gold mustard sauce was great with it. My friend Neil makes Big Z’s, and I love this stuff… I usually don’t like mustard sauces much at all. This is a great sauce for anything from sandwiches and sausage to dipping pretzels. 

slicing pork for pitpork

For a rub on the pitpork, I used a three chile rub that I like… 1 cup ancho chile to 1/4 cup chipotle to 1 tablespoon cayenne, along with 1/4 cup salt and 2 tablespoons of pepper. I smoked the pork using a  non-stick grill/smoker mat, which is a bendable grid that you can put around or under foods to keep them from sticking in a smoker. I got one a few weeks ago to try, and thought it sounded a bit hokey, until I tried it, and it’s great! My convection grill was simple to clean up after, and there was no problem with anything stuck to the grate at all.

pitpork in smoker mat

The meat was sliced on my home slicer, and sandwiches were served… and were a big hit! This is a great alternative to pitbeef, and very simple to make. Leftovers heat up well or work great cold! It’s great to have a couple of smoked meats, pitbeef and pitpork, that can be done in just a couple of hours instead of 12 or so, for when you just don’t have time to plan.

pitpork for pitpork sandwich recipe

What are your quick, go-to meals for guests, when you didn’t have time to plan much?



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