Adventures in Grilling: Alligator

February 21, 2012

alligator and slaw sandwiches

Having lived in New Orleans for a bit when growing up, I’m no stranger to alligator meat.  That said, I’ve always had it deep fried or in sausage so the idea of grilled ‘gator was a new one but today is Fat Tuesday so it was worth the old college try.

First up was the meat itself.  Fortunately I’ve got a “go-to” resource when it comes to all things Creole and Cajun, a site call  Soon enough a one pound batch of alligator meat was sitting on my front porch along with some additional N’awlins supplies including Zapps potato chips, Creole mustard and a bunch of assorted hot sauces.

Next up was the recipe.  After a bit of research I found that soaking the ‘gator in some milk helped to balance the flavor.  Never one to question the authority that is the Internet, I took this advice and ran with it.  A 4 hour soak in a mixture of whole milk and a little Creole seasoning and we were ready to cook!

‘Gator cooked, Italian roll toasted, and now it’s time for a little Lagniappe — some Remoulade slaw (2 cups precut slaw and sauce to taste.  You can find my personal recipe here).    Some fire roasted tomatoes and I was ready to call this adventure a success!  Got some more grilling challenges you’d like to see me tackle?  Post them below and I’ll give them my smokin’ best shot!

alligator and slaw sandwiches

Clint Cantwell, Editor

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